Extended Rider Program

Extend the Factory Certified Program with Ultra Care

for up to an additional 3 years.


Marketing a certified vehicle is important to draw volume into your locations, but from a gross profit, customer retention and fixed operations stand point, the program can yield minimal benefits.

  • The finance department is still getting backend from the lienholder, but their most valuable asset, the Vehicle Service Contract, is gone.
  • Retaining customers for future sales is a priority, but with most OEM certified programs, the dealer is only retaining the customer for an additional 1-2 years.  This is not good when most certified vehicles are being financed for 60-84 months.
  • Fixed operations’ is the best way to generate profit.  For most manufacturer based certified programs the customer is more than likely only visiting your service department 1-2 times during the warranty period.  This is due to extended maintenance intervals and the rising costs of labor and parts.

Solution: Continental Warranty Inc.’s Extended Rider Program

  • Brings back the most valuable asset, the Vehicle Service Contract, into the Finance Department.  Now managers have the opportunity to sell a product that can drastically increase gross profit.
  • Customers can now get an additional 2-3 years of protection more than the OEM certified programs. The customer in most cases can be covered the entire period they are financing the car.
  • Fixed operations increases, due to the customer being covered longer with a 0 deductible program that pays 100% parts and 100% labor in your service drive.

The Continental Warranty Inc. Rider Protection program can only be offered at the inception date of the Manufacturer certified program.

All Continental Warranty Inc. Rider programs start from the original in service date and from 0 miles.

Please refer to the current Continental Warranty Inc. classification schedule for vehicle model and eligibility.



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