Continental Warranty

Continental Warranty

Continental Warranty, Inc. has been offering shoppers the very best in vehicle service contracts for years now. When your vehicle’s factory warranty runs out or you’ve purchased a used car that did not come with an extended warranty to begin with, purchasing an additional vehicle service contract from Continental Warranty, Inc. can help prevent you from footing the bill for expensive repairs down the road.

If your vehicle is still covered under its factory warranty, buying an additional vehicle service contract can still be a smart move, as many factory warranties don’t cover a number of common accidents or vehicle parts. Things like key replacements and windshield repairs aren’t normally covered by factory warranties, but Continental Warranty, Inc. certainly has contracts that do.

Continental Warranty, Inc. uses third party vendors for all of their vehicle service contracts, all of which have been carefully screened and used for years to provide customers with the very best coverage possible. Regardless of what your reason for purchasing an additional vehicle service contract, Continental Warranty, Inc. is here to help.

Continental Warranty, Inc. Has Just What Car Shoppers Need

As a member of the Better Business Bureau and a licensed Delaware Corporation that is fully insured and bonded, Continental Warranty, Inc. is a name you can trust when it comes to shopping for an extended car warranty. Whatever particular coverage you’re interested in getting for your vehicle, you can rest assured that Continental Warranty, Inc. has just what you’re looking for.

With 14 different vehicle service contracts to choose from, Continental Warranty, Inc. has the means to cover a wide breadth of potential accidents and incidents while out on the road. From collisions to having malfunctioning parts, Continental Warranty, Inc. is with you every mile.

If you’re interested in learning more about Continental Warranty, Inc. and the types of vehicle service contracts that they have to offer, you can contact them at 302-375-0401 or you can visit them on the Web at

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