Kentucky Extended Warranty FAQs

Kentucky Drivers Enjoy Certified Protections for Longer

Many car shoppers are hesitant to consider vehicles from a used car dealership because they don’t offer the same protections as, for example, a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership. What if your dealership could offer that type of warranty at a price that appeals to everyone? Our Kentucky extended warranty provider has drawn up the Extended Rider Program for just such a purpose.

This warranty actually extends past when certified programs run out. This means that, as a dealership, you retain a customer for longer and they stay happy with the peace of mind that only a comprehensive auto warranty can provide. We know that you want to offer your shoppers a superior car shopping experience, and we believe that an extended auto warranty is part of that- and more importantly, customers think that, too.

Let the Fine Print Do the Talking

Some of the technical details of the Extended Rider Program will confirm that it’s exactly as comprehensive as it sounds, making it an enticing option for dealers and shoppers alike. By enrolling in our Extended Rider Program, tacking our Ultra Care extended warranty onto the vehicle purchase, you have essentially added three years to the Factory Certified Program, something that Kentucky drivers will be overjoyed to hear! It’s no secret that vehicle service contracts are hugely profitable for dealerships, and the Extended Rider Program brings it right back to you, increasing your profits while providing superior care for your valued customers.

The Extended Rider protection program is only offered at the inception date of the manufacturer certified program. It starts from the original in-service date and from zero miles. However, once prospective buyers take a close look at the Ultra Care warranty and how it ties into the Extended Rider Program, they’ll appreciate the foresight of your dealership- and the care you offer them.

We encourage dealerships to contact Continental Warranty with any questions about any of our products. We have years of experience providing protection to shoppers and dealerships, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your inquiries!

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